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Most likely your members and supporters already spend a considerable amount of money annually on vacation travel. Anderson Vacations' unique Travel for a Cause program taps into that spending and enables your organization to receive funds from those travel bookings while providing your supporters expert travel planning services, upgrades and perks.

If your organization is approved by Anderson Vacations as a valid non-profit, educational or charitable partner and has the ability to market your campaigns, Anderson Vacations will contribute a percentage of our gross commissions earned on all individual bookings resulting from your promotional efforts to your organization. It's that simple. Travel for a Cause is a potentially lucrative fundraising vehicle that requires very little effort on the part of your team.

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Four Simple Steps to Earn Funds . . .

Get Set Up as a Travel for a Cause Partner

If your mission is to raise funds for a non-profit, charitable, educational or  community organization, you are the perfect candidate

Market to Your Supporters

Get the word out to your supporters. Use newsletters, social media and word of mouth to make sure you get the most out of the program

Plan an Amazing Vacation

Here's the easy part. Have your supporters plan amazing vacations with Anderson Vacations. They'll get exceptional service and your organization will reap the rewards

Recieve Your Earned Donation

Once travel is completed Anderson Vacations will calculate the earnings based on a percentage of the gross commissions earned and send a check to your organization !

Volunteering Group

Maximize Your Earnings With Group Travel

Group travel is a simple way to multiply earnings. It could be as simple as a family reunion or a corporate retreat. The sky is the limit ! And when you consider many of Anderson Vacations' bookings exceed $10,000 per couple, even a small group can result in a significant contribution to your organization.

*earned benefits on group bookings are based on a flat donation amount.